A code for life.  A call to action.


Dan Lenard of the renowned yacht design firm Nuvolari – Lenard is embarking on a daring adventure: a transatlantic crossing departing on 20th January from Cadiz, Spain and arriving at the Miami Boat Show around the 14th February.

The challenge is that he will be alone on a 33 foot sailboat with no engine, no electronics, gps, log, compass or autopilot. It is a voyage with a mission.

The intention is to use this purity of sailing to highlight the plight of the seas. It is a rallying cry – an SOS to the entire yachting community to save our seas.

Dan Lenard

Dan Lenard and Carlo Nuvolari founded Nuvolari – Lenard in 1992. The Italian company specializes in the naval architecture, exterior and interior design of private yachts. Based near Venice, the studio has created some of the world’s most acclaimed superyachts, winning every major award and becoming both prolific and highly sought-after.

Now 50, Dan has been sailing all his life. Starting out on a Flying Junior he moved up to Laser Class and at just 19 designed his own 50-foot sailing yacht. In 25 years, Nuvolari-Lenard has designed over 350 yachts including “Spirit of the C’s” a 64 metre Perini Navi ketch and the astonishing 106 metre Oceanco “Black Pearl”. 


SCIA (which means wake in Italian), is a 33 ft sloop with a 2 foot bowsprit. Far from a new yacht, it was assembled using recycled parts from five different boats.

Over ten years old, both the hull and deck are made of carbon fibre. The deckhouse was rebuilt but the rudder and keel were recycled with the mast rescued from an old abandoned sloop.With the help and enthusiasm of friends at the Prelog shipyard, Dan and his artisan team sourced and assembled all of the pieces like a jig-saw cutting, gluing and hand building the boat as a labour of love and without so much as a single design sheet. The intention from the outset was to create a ‘pure’ sailing yacht to accomplish the objective of crossing the Atlantic as a beacon to the yacht industry.

A few words about the cause

Sailing is a 5000-year-old invention that mankind can be proud of. It is one of the ways by which the human race has discovered the earth. Now, any voyage bears witness to how badly polluted the seas and coastlines have become.

Sometimes it is not obvious at the superluxury end of the travel spectrum where meticulously cleaned beaches are maintained by an army of service providers. But out of the glare of high end expectation the situation is desperate. Plastic is not the only culprit. And plastic doesn’t exist anywhere without being discarded by the human race.

The yacht industry can help. The yacht industry must help. From construction through to ownership this mission is a call to action. We can enjoy the sea or destroy the sea. It is actually a choice.

A few words about the mission

SCIA is equipped with a tracker/beacon that will signal Dan’s position every hour throughout the voyage. While Dan can’t chart his progress via this device, his audience can.

The shore team will update the project’s social media sites and the website will display his progress from data received via the beacon. From 20th of January until around the 5th February, Dan will be out of contact with the world.

When he reaches the signal-giving vicinity of the Caribbean he will send out a greeting and new media material made both during his crossing and on his arrival. From then on, until he sails into the Miami Boat Show, he will be able to communicate.
The Vela-Code mission has set up two accounts, Instagram @vela.code and a Facebook page, Vela-page. The website provides additional background and up to date information with new photographs from the European and Caribbean sides of the operations.

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